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While looking for Mohegan Language word, Aquai.

Aquai is a friendly verbal sound (word),

to show another that you come in peace, or

“I wish to greet you.”

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There is no word in our language

for ‘good-by,’

because we always plan on a future return.

The closest word would be,


The Meaning of Aquine


We have traveled to and through Warwick

along with most if not all of Rhode Island

many times and know it to be a friendly, beautiful land.

While traveling the New York/New England home land, one has noticed that Aquai is, or at least was back then, the normal greeting.

The word (How and Ugh), are Hollywood Movie Words

and sort of an insult to the elders.

The correct way to greet was with your right arm extended straight out from the heart, palm down, pointing at an oncoming traveler and your left hand placed over the heart.

This was to show that you have no weapon and are coming with a warm friendly heart.

Something that this elder has not seem in many years.

Have you noticed

that there is no longer

an Uncasville, Connecticut,

it is now just a casino,

type it in and see.


left hand is the closest to the heart.