Sun Becoming Cheapest Resource


Solar Power to Grow Sixfold as Sun Becoming Cheapest Resource

Brazil, Chile, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, the Philippines,

Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.


You might notice that

the United States of America

is not on that list?

This to me is sad, very sad.

Bloomberg believes this to be a great thing however;

I still say that, this is very sad!

A first Solar Panel was built-in 1939

by an American Engineer

and perfected by a British science teacher 1950.


if, instead of closing down our factories

and shipping our factories overseas


And then having them taken away by those countries.

This country’s, manufacturing companies and scientist would have built and perfected solar panels by the end of the 1950’s.

Today, our cars would be running on solar, our homes would be heated and cooled by solar and our land, air and waterways would still be as clean as, if not cleaner, then it was in the 1950’s!

Our coal, oil and nuclear employees would be building, repairing, improving and selling Alternative energy.

The first ever solar panel has been uncovered after being hidden away

forgotten in a box for 60 years

and incredibly, it STILL works.