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Mohegan History

On this web site are some of our thoughts on:

Sachem Uncas, the Storey Clan or my Mohegan family,

Histories of Eastern Woodland, Long Island and Mohegan people,

my hometown of Uncasville and the Villages of Uncas in the 1600’s,

the world as I see it, or a page of Commentary,

the true meaning of Spirituality to a Native and

a few Alternative Energy ideas now that the rest of the

world is starting to respect Mother Earth as we always have.

This new page is in answer to the many who have written

asking me about the meaning of the word Aquine.

As for the apology from Kevin Gover and the BIA,

my ancestors, my grandfather and I thank you

for coming forward after all of these years.

And finally, the words written on this website come from

the teachings of my Elders and my Mohegan family.

You will not find words here taken from books that were

written by non natives, who do not know, nor have the

right to speak with authority about my people.



You may read more about

current Native American Issues

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Sachem Speaks