Letter to Executive Director Nick Wiley


Nick Wiley is executive director

the little old scruffy, man, with

gray hair and beard,

of the Florida Fish & Wildlife in Florida.

I know it sounds like an oxymoron!

I have a reason!

As my readers may know by now, an alligator drowned a two-year-old boy a while ago.


This boy’s family was playing on a beach inside of Disney World Park.

The family lives in Nebraska, no Alligators at beaches in Nebraska.


All of the beaches at this park had only signs for no swimming.


No fence


No alligator’s signs.

Yes, Disney, knowing that there are always alligators and snakes in their lagoon should have had fences and signs.

However, it is also the responsibility of the Fish and Wildlife (Nick Wiley is executive director), to check on all waterways to ensure that this is done?

How can he and his workers get away with

shifting the blame down to a business?

Remember, no fence, no sign since Disney opened many years ago!

No wonder our

Florida Black Bears are at risk again,


“No profit for Nick Wiley and his Goons!”

Nick Wiley is executive director of the Florida Fish & Wildlife in Florida and his followers are opening up Black Bear Hunting to the “Highest Bidders Again!”


FWC Nick Wiley and his Wildlife Murderers



Please, Please, Please,

Sign the petition!