Who’s watching all of this donated money?


Who are the farmer’s in-charge of watching

the foxes at the Henhouse?


Because right now the Farmers are the foxes

and the foxes are our Florida Politicians!

SOMOS Orlando

Three – Politicians

One – Attorney

One – Businessman

Zero -LGBT members

Zero – Members of the Hispanic Community

Thirteen plus million Dollars

Why is this?

Members are,

Florida Governor Rick Scott,

Orlando Florida Mayor Buddy Dyer,

Mayor Teresa Jacobs of Orange Florida.

Attorney Kenneth Feinberg,


Businessman Alex Martins, president Orlando Magic!

We are still looking for the promised, LGBT group? 


the Hispanic group said to be joining them?

Because each time we see the above names on TV

their palms seem to be sweating?

OneOrlando fund changes course, will give money to victims.

A letter signed by 100 of the families of victims

from previous mass shootings at

Virginia Tech, Columbine High School and elsewhere

said in a letter

that they objected to the fund distributing money only to nonprofits.

“We believe that donations

that are collected in the wake

of national tragedies

for victims should be

disbursed directly to them,”

the letter said.

“That is why Americans are giving.

To help the victims directly.”

However, today we find out that

Governor Rick Scott can change those orders whenever he wishes!


he ordered funds from the oneorlando to be taken out

and given to businesses into of the police line.

Although this in it’s self is a good idea,

this governor having that kind of power,

“Is Not!”