Protocols for a Native American Naming Ceremony


Protocols for a Native American Naming Ceremony

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What Shelagh Dillon did not write while, short-of, giving credit, was that you live in Minnesota, my information is about our people over in New England.

So, because of the distance, some parts of or maybe even all of the ceremony might change.

Because our culture and ceremonies came to us from Kiehtan long before our ancestors had transportation other than feet!



Sacred Ceremonies such as this,

should be in a

(Sacred Circle).

Sacred Naming Ceremony Protocol.


Well this is a little better than ‘No Credit for the information.

Which is the normal from ‘non-natives and wannabes.

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Protocols for a Native American Naming Ceremony

By Shelagh Dillon

eHow Contributor

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A Native American Name does not come from a Native American


This needs to be said, again, and again, and again!

Then repeated, again, and again, and again.