Yet another loss in Orlando


Sooner or later you are not going to believe me about Florida.

Would you care to come find out for yourself?

I came down from New England to Florida for a number of reasons.

While here, friends and family were interested to show off their state and on one trip


I ended up on Merritt Island.

Coming from New England and loving all wildlife that I grew up with,

I walked a trail hearing a rather large bull-frog,

(I was thinking)?

We had many words for quite some time until this young fellow came by

and told me that I really should not be upsetting that

(Mother Alligator),

because she is protecting her baby!


If this ‘rookie (me),can make a very bad mistake in a large reserve wildlife.

How can Disney and our fish and wildlife not take the blame for no


at their

“Happiest place in the World?”

How can it be possible for a visiting family from out-of-state (Nebraska), to lose a baby to an alligator?

Someone must tell the officials in Orlando and Florida, that

people are very thankful for the support from the public.

However, you, ‘our protectors’, must start doing your jobs!

We have now losted this child at an extremely expensive resort $400.00 a night plus,

inside of Disney World?

We loss an up and coming singer Friday

because of no metal detectors or armed guards at the door of a dance club.

We loss 49 beautiful young Floridians basically for the same reason

and still,


We also loss four (4) innocent alligators without finding to one with the child!

Search continues for toddler attacked by gator at Disney resort

Updated: Jun 15, 2016 – 6:54 AM

Horror at Disney World as boy, two, is

dragged into a lagoon by an ALLIGATOR: Frantic father tried to wrestle reptile as it grabbed toddler off beach at flagship Grand Floridian resort in Orlando

Two-year-old child was dragged into the Seven Seas Lagoon by an alligator

It happened at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at 9.20pm on Tuesday

The boy, from Nebraska, was on vacation in Florida with his family

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says deputies are searching the lake

Already wildlife officers have removed four alligators during the search

Sheriff Jerry Demings said the father had tried to wrestle the alligator

The boy’s mother also entered the water in a bid to save her son, he said

Disney remove and relocate alligators that get too close to guest areas

By Khaleda Rahman For and Jennifer Newton for MailOnline