How many government official were voted into office in Florida?


Governor Scott

Unfortunately he still holds that title,

they are not

(49 bodies)!

they are human beings,

murdered because of your evil stance

against any kind of weapon protection.

Thank you

Gator Woman@walkinggator

Gator Woman Retweeted Emerson Kimball

Suppression of Voting for minorities

is ongoing here.

Scott & Bondi must go.

They share a wicked heart.

Emerson Kimball@avilaem99

@walkinggator @theashleyjn

He should be in jail for what he and Bondi did with voters suppressing in the last election

For your tweeted response to two of so many in Florida,

that must go,

if we are to save our youth from

the NRA and their puppets!


There are forty (40 +2) senators in Florida.

There are twenty-seven (27+2 representatives in Florida?

There are 67 counties in the state of Florida.

How many of the above are in the media crying for a change in the laws

to protect

“You the Voting Public and your families?”



Florida Senator


Geraldine F. Thompson

Small hill of wisdom, in a mountain of chaos

Posted on June 12, 2016