What is the ‘real obstacle’ facing this country today?


not the ones that this government, the media and our political parties want you to believe are the biggest,

I said, the real one.

Whatever one you were thinking to be the biggest, will fit into it.

This country might be stuck with a Big-mouth,

with a lot of smoke and no fire,


Carousel Barker!

The only problem that the voters must think about is,


The three Branches of the government of

the United States of America flat-out refuse

to work together on everything!

The Media flat-out refusing to dig into the real reasons that this government is procrastinating

instead of doing the job that, we the people, are paying them to do.


the Media has been rolling around

in the dirt

with the corrupt government!

This is something that if President Barrack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Bill Clinton and the two political parties, well at least one of the two, can work together on, can and well fix this country.

Our president has publicly asked (Begged) congress to send him a bill, not some foolish thing like dumping our only workable healthcare, a real bill to help Americans and the world.


So, now the republicans in this country have been

duped into being stuck with a


(Carousel Barker)

with a lot of fat and no meat or substance, only a filthy mouth!

This person is so bad for the country that the

(Do Nothing Congress) is coming out against him.

Now that’s bad!

If only the voting public will follow suit and vote against him,

if only!

Calling someone a name, as if still playing


‘in a mud puddle’

with the kiddies, will not fix this country!

Hard work and an honest, proven, plan well!