Sure moneymaker for you and your state or country


For starters, make responsible ‘caregivers,’ responsible.

Lets face, you could be the life saved!

I am no expert about the workings of your state or your country about this one.

I have had plenty of time to check this out in Florida.


Take their keys.

Have you ever spent a little time in a parking lot of your grocery or supple store?

Well in Florida, as with most retirement states, we have our share (I am one of them), of senior’s and thank God for their company.

Unfortunately, we also have our share of accidents.

At least once a week and most of the time a lot more often,

head-on-collisions on our highways at highway speeds

and roadways at roadway speeds,

usually elders, some with


Alzheimer’s and/or dementia .

Cars that run off the road into a house, tree, wall, fence and this last one people!

Now, Back to your parking lot.

We go shopping as a family because we love Breanna and do not wish to leave her home alone, on the other hand, I refuse to drive and lately it is not advisable

(no this is not what it might sound like to a feminist),

it is a fact at least in Florida, for a female not to shop in a Wall*Mart alone!

I have a lot of time to sit and watch people, many very

old people still driving on our roadways.

Today for instance, I watched a man pull into a parking space with a power chair on the back of his truck.

Before he left he looked into the driver side door but had to touch the window to see if it was closed, and

the front of the truck looked like in had been in a crash ‘n smash derby.

I needed the restroom, coming out was a man using a wall mart cart to walk out of the restroom ad out of the store.

When I finished, he was not ever to the door,

so I carried on a conversation just to be sure that he many it to his car.

Guess what?

He is the driver!

A third man I times as he came to the parking lot.

It took

7 minutes to walk from the front door to the first handy-capped space

and two minutes to get into the driver’s seat!

That’s just three of hundreds (more like thousands since moving to Florida that I have witnessed.

Why only three?

Because my driver finished shopping.

How does this save the state money you might be asking?

Take the keys!

90% of the time this person has a ‘caregiver at home,’ if the caregiver does not take and hide the keys

he/she should get a real steep fine.

If this person is alone, the state needs to provide them with a caregiver.

See how fast the accidents go down.

Another thing to think about,

how fast can any one of these three hit,

the brake if or when needed?


How long will it take for one of them to realize

that he/she is on the wrong side of the road?