Take a look at Florida’s infrastructures


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Gov. Rick Scott heading for Louisiana to poach businesses


Take a good look at Florida quality of its workforce and its infrastructures

(bridges, roads, highways and waterways),

before you can condemn other states!

Florida’s past 3 governors (republicans), that’s 24 years of decay and corruption!

Florida gets away with lower tax rates to show companies in other states

by loading our highways and many of our roadways with many tollbooths

to make up for the taxes!

Roads that do not have a tollbooth will soon, plus the roads, booth or no booths

are in such bad shape and over crowed that the state had hundreds of accidents a week!

Like the rest of his very expensive trip with Floridian taxpayers money,

he will be wasting his time and our money.


Not one of Florida Governor Scott’s, greedy, money hungry, ventures, has resulted into a move to Florida by a single company.


Scott is going on another trade mission to try to woo businesses away from their state.

The Republican governor visited several states last year run by Democrats where he denounced their taxes and business climate.

Scott contended companies would want to leave because of a “crippling” increase in the minimum wage.

Governors in those states (Democrat’s) have had to signed into law measures lifting the statewide minimum wage and increase taxes because past governors (Republicans)

have let their state crumble into a pile of rust and decay

and their qualified workers have left for other states with better wages

and infrastructures, just like Florida.

Governors Scott’s idea of more jobs

is more minimum wage, no benefits part-time jobs!

Want a little clue about our workforce?

They elected Rick Scott to be our governor while knowing the kind of worm he is just to elect any republican

and then just to punish themselves for such a foolish move, they elected him again!