The lost tribes of America

The lost tribes of America

Justice denied for Native American women #2

This old and now new posting

is only important

to the


‘Shun First People’

through-out Indian Country.


These people are the very ones that I have

devoted 33 plus years of my life

trying to keep in the public eye.

Welcome Philadelphia Pennsylvania

To one of our older posting

Justice denied for Native American women


One can see in that older posting that it might seem a little over the top,

so to speak?


Thinking about it.

Europeans came over to our ancestors land.

Polluting the people with their virus’s.




And throwing them off their land

and into Prisons (reservations).

Was a little over the top also?

So To Speak!

Just because you are bigger, stronger and have

the entire weapon power to do so, does not mean

that it was the right thing to do?

The correct move now should be for this


to close down all of the reservations.

(Many of the newest ones having fake indians just to pacify old treaties).

New England comes to mind.

And give the descendents un-used public land to work


become a county in a state of the United States.

What’s the old saying?

There are no Indians in Indiana!

Well I am here to tell you that this is a government,

‘Secret Lie!

There are plenty of Indians in Indiana!

There are no Native Americans east of the Mississippi!

Again my friends and followers,

“I, and many like me, are still here!”

Can legislation help end violence against indigenous women in the US?

We the ‘lost tribes of America’ tell our brothers and sisters,

No government official will help anyone

if it might cost a little of their time and government money.

No, ‘tribal nation (casino indians) will help for fear of losing a little of the wealth.

Both should fear not,

because your wealth

is not what we want!

We want our ancestors back!

Once again, our government is trying to claim that there are

no longer indigenous people s east of the Mississippi.

Check out their map.