Nick Wiley’s in your face (lie #3)!

This is a reminder of a past post on 10/25/2015

Lie definition,

a false statement made with deliberate intent

to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood!


Nick Wiley’s latest bold in your face lie #2!


Don’t put all of the blame on him,

Florid Governor Rick Scott is pulling the strings

because by

Killing off all of the animals

he gets to sell off all of the protected lands


Floridians can dump the crook!


Florida’s Bear Hunt Opens Despite Charges Wildlife Agency Is Tainted

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 8:05 a.m.

By Deirdra Funcheon

Elusive Bears!

On day one!

180 bear kills in just two places NICK!

The Ocala National Forest in Marion County

99 bears killed in Central Florida

81 bears killed across the Florida Panhandle

207 bears killed on the first day!

Greg Workman Florida wildlife commissioner said, “It is an Honor System!”

RIGHT and of course the 3,00 plus hunters never lie?

So far today killing is ended in the Panhandle and central Florida


“0” bears killed in South Florida the land of the rich and famous?

At the Ocala WMA North Hunt check station,

one of 33 bear check stations around the state.

A Fish & Wildlife Commissioner that voted for the ‘bear killing’


living on a 9,300 acres ranch of

Fenced in “Bear Food!”

Wild grasses, saw palmetto,

cypress swamp, and Sabal Palms that span both sides of

Highway 29.

Saw Palmetto berries

Lindsay shot the bear with an AR-15, a semiautomatic rifle that resembles a military-style M-16.


Fish and Wildlife Commissioner

Aliese Priddy

personally takes care of some cattle on

her 9,300-acre ranch in Collier County.

Photo by Deirdra Funcheon

Aliese “Liesa” Priddy shakes a bag of feed onto the sandy soil behind a stable on her J.B. Ranch in Immokalee —

9,300 acres of wild grasses, saw palmetto, cypress swamp, and sabal palms that span both sides of Highway 29.

But on this 91-degree day in late September, 18 heifers are too lazy or too pregnant to care much.

The Brangus cattle — a cross between Brahman, a breed that tolerates high heat, and Angus, which produces high-grade beef — are all due to give birth in three weeks. They flick their tails and lazily pick at the ground.