Eat this, not that!

Walking with the Alligators

ediblesixpackrings     GarbageBeachHuman plastic waste now litters Beaches and Waters all over the world!

Edible six pack holder picture credit: Saltwater Brewery
Plastic trash picture credit:

This story was on our news just before we left for Flagler Beach last week.

Meant to share it when we got back, but lost track of it, until today.

This is one of the most positive ideas to help animals to come along for Marine/Ocean life in years and hopefully it will become widespread and as with so many great ideas, be widely imitated.

This Florida Company, Saltwater Brewery of Delray Beach, has created quite a sensation with this new idea, in partnership with NY ad Company,  We Believers.

Wildlife lovers and many others are excited about the chance to buy their favorite brew and help Sea Life at the same time.

The new rings are a byproduct of the brewing process and are …

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