Murder most foul!

We are MAD!

Walking with the Alligators

This Sandhill Crane family was near our house here in the Forest a few years ago.
Picture credit: Walkingfox

There was no intention to write today, it is a Holiday weekend, everyone is already at the Beaches here and happily spending time relaxing with family.

Alas, not so for those who tuned into the local news this morning and were horrified to learn about what happened here yesterday afternoon.

It seems that Marvin Hicks of Leesburg had had enough and took matters into his own hands.

He ran over and killed a baby  Sandhill Crane  on the golf course in Spanish Village.

He was quoted as saying that they were “crapping all over his Golf Course.”

A witness, Jamie Phillips, who with her son witnessed the gruesome scenes and is a bird lover, said he deliberately chased down the birds, the baby could not keep up with its parents and…

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    • GP
      He does have some blood, might be Abenaki or a Canada tribe in the northeast bottom of their country.
      No, do not know him and little to no interest in trying too.


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