World War II vet dies on ‘final mission’

World War II vet dies on his ‘final mission’ in London


R. Norman Moody, FLORIDA TODAY May 24, 2016

“They just wanted something simple,


when I found out a little background about Melvin,

there is just no way that we were just going

to give him a simple service,”

funeral director Neil Sherry told British ITV Network,

which aired a news piece about Rector’s funeral service.

“We wanted it to be as special as possible.”

Though no one knew him,

the Royal Air Force, U.S. Air Force and historians in London attended

and participated in the funeral with military honors.


“He certainly got a beautiful send-off,” Jowers said.

“People everywhere, from Cambridge to London heard his story.”

U.S. Army Maj. Leif Purcell told ITV

he thought he and a few other U.S. military personnel would be the only ones to attend the funeral, but was surprised.

“The representation from the Royal Air Force and the British Army that I saw here was phenomenal,” he said.


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  1. Thank you letting me know about this. It boggles the mind that my news station on nothing on it!! Good video. I wish someone had had a camera going during the service for him.


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