The Russell Home is under attack by the city!


What about the Grandfather Clause?

This intuition has been operating for over 60 years,

long before the Licensing requirement law!

What about the Grandfather Clause?

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What about Kissimmee Mayor

living in dead woman’s home?

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Long-running Russell Home in danger of being shut down over licensing

Updated: May 24, 2016 – 7:53 PM

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A home that’s cared for severely disabled children and adults for decades

is at risk of being shut down by the state in a fight over paperwork.

Two dozen people live at The Russell Home for Atypical Children in Orlando,

and it’s been in operation for more than 60 years,

but now licensing requirements could take it away.

The Agency for Health Care Administration, or ACHA,

has put the facility on notice,

saying it must define a service or face fines and ultimately closure.

“This is a pillar in the community and there’s nothing else like it, and that’s part of the problem,”

said board member Mike Haag.

The services are so broad and the residents have so many different needs,

the home doesn’t fit into a single category by the state.

The Russell’s said while they haven’t had a state license,

they have operated under extensive oversight from various agencies,

including state-appointed guardians and case managers.

It is also operating under the

Grandfather Clause

A portion of a statute that provides that the law is not applicable

in certain circumstances due to preexisting facts.


In April 2014, Kissimmee Mayor pro tem Sara Shaw

and her boyfriend, Peter Sendtko,

moved into the home under adverse possession.

It’s an account that had been auto-paying the utility bills

at the home since Woosley died in 2012.