Hindu beliefs never made it to America

 Since first writing a post about this in a 1995 posting,

I have had many visitors from India

and her neighboring countries

with not one comment?

I have tremendous respect for the


‘Hindu (India)



Islam (Muslim) Beliefs.’

However, many times when an Indian from India, comes to this country,

and manages a model, hotel or Inn.

Their feelings about animals seem to change drastically.

Do not take my word about this, check the internet.

While in the navy back in the 60’s,

I was able to take a ‘quick trip’ to India.

It was a quick trip because it was a long way from my ship.

Everywhere I went the people passed animals without a blink of an eye.

While watching films about India, the people seem to love animals.

Remember, I have traveled the powwow trail many time since age 6.

In this country while you travel, hotels, inns and motels.

The manager and employees act as if your pet is going to attack them, why?

Welcome Punjab India Asia


To two of our postings.

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Some of the Hindu beliefs never made it to America.

May 22, 2011


Now, let us take a look at,

Veteran denied motel room in Daytona Beach because he had service dog

June 26, 2014


Why would anyone want to work or run a place of business with such

a tremendous phobia about animals?

Why would so many owners hire,

knowing the amount of business

loss from pet owner customers?


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