Dump truck crushes car, person trapped inside


 This I do consider myself a little bit of an expert.

Driver stated that he was cut off and lost control of the truck.

In Florida, this is more than possible, more like probable!

Young drivers are always in far too much of a hurry.

Many old drivers need to quit driving.

Drivers obeying the law are pushed, pressured and passed

down the road.


no matter the speed limit.

P. S.

What is the speed limit in this country?


In my book, the posted speed limit sign,

is the maximum speed allowed on that part of the road,

and then only according to the conditions of the road.


Not in Florida, in Florida it seems to be a belief

that it is the least speed one should drive?

I am not a judge although sometime I do voice an opinion.

I am not happy in any type of leadership role,

although I do enjoy helping.

As for ‘Big Rigs,’

I did drive everything from a scooter to a hazardous waste 18-wheeler.

In addition,

I did teach driving for our Teamsters Union for some time.

(Local 493)


I have never seen so many truck, from 6-wheelers to 18-wheelers,

involved in accidents as seem in the media

since moving to Florida some years ago!

Unions were abolished in this country by a president back in the 1980’s

and now speed and poor equipment, rules the road!

Unions forced companies to hire only qualified drivers,

driving mechanically sound vehicles.

Yes, there are far too many crazy 4-wheelers in Florida going no place.

However, always going in a hurry, 24/7, seven days a week, every year.


if a truck with air brakes tips over or crashes,

no matter the reason,

it is because of poor judgment

by the driver and the state,








Fault of the state for not enough


correct driving of heavy-duty trucks!

Dump truck crushes car, person trapped inside, deputies say

Updated: May 23, 2016 – 6:45 AM



A person was reportedly trapped inside a car after an accident involving a dump truck,

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

The accident happened at about 6 a.m. at the intersection of

Stone brook West Parkway


Winter Garden Vineland Road,

Deputies said.

The intersection was shut down as emergency personnel responded to the crash.

Details on the cause of the crash were not immediately available.

This story will be updated as new information becomes available.

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  1. They might as well not have a speed limit posted because no one obeys them. You nearly get crushed if you go the speed limit – which I usually do.


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