Aspen Colorado, Burlington Vermont, Greensburg, 100% “Renewable Energy!”


San Francisco going 100% ‘Renewable Energy.’

San Francisco California is going 100% ‘Renewable Energy.’



Solar Panels,


and more.


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Governor Rick Scott!

Florida does not need tens of thousands of Part Times Jobs,

‘for the people!

Florida needs real jobs with real pay and benefits

‘for the people’!

All of the taxpayer money,

handed out to polluting companies

by the millions,

‘At no cost to them’,

Is now going to go to clean, modern, less expensive

“Renewable Energy!”

San Francisco’s Community Choice Aggregation Program

For Clean Energy Goes Online

May 18, 2016

By Max Bloom

San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco

Pledge to go with 100% renewable energy on

9, 2016 1:08 PM PT

Last year, San Diego’s city council voted to commit the city to using 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Last week, San Diego reiterated its pledge to renewable energy and other sustainable strategies, such as

Eliminating half of all greenhouse gas production,

In a Climate Action Plan memorandum.

Following smaller cities such as,

Aspen Colorado, Burlington Vermont, Greensburg,

are now 100% “Renewable Energy!”

Florida is stating that it will be ready

by 2040,


Are we sending (Rick Scott) back to Illinois to stand trial in 2040?


“No Governor Rick Scott?”

And his ‘Super-Pac’s.’

“No useless, crooked, worthless, greedy, Florida Congress?”

And their ‘Super-Pac’s.’


will we have

A governor, our mayors, and congress that will actually

do the job that we are paying them to do,


“Not for their pocketbooks and ‘Super-Pac’s’!”