9 Investigates veterans fighting for parking at VA clinics


We are back from vacation my friends.


Good job channel 9 news and news reported Blaine Tolison!

The problem is not too many veterans,

and if it is

“Stop Going to Wars!”

The problem is not enough parking lots,

and if it is

“Build More Parking Lots!”


The main problem is

(Cheating Employees in Florida)

from the

top executive to the

last employee hired!

Stay out of out parking spots


first offence;

you must be “FIRED!”

While in Connecticut, we never had a problem at the V.A. Clinic

inside of the Coast Guard Academy

because the ‘Marines’

were on top of

the parking lot!

We moved to Florida and all (Gainesville, Leesburg, Tampa and both Orlando V.A. Clinics and hospitals)

the employees park close to the buildings

and the veterans are on their own!

Because of Cardiomyopathy I do not drive.

So, my better half watches the cheating constantly, no matter the building, in fact, she complained to deaf ears at Gainesville Hospital and I still walk from wherever we find a parking spot!


Updated: May 19, 2016 – 6:55 PM

When Channel 9’s Blaine Tolison investigated the problem, he found the parking lot filled before 8 o’clock in the morning on a Tuesday.

Veterans had to drive around, waiting for a spot to open or they parked off property.

Eyewitness News watched as employees who share the lot with veterans, arrived first taking the closer parking spaces.

Then, patients who came later, walked as far as a few hundred yards to the clinic entrance.


Eyewitness News contacted the V.A. and a spokesperson declined our request for an on-camera interview,

but issued a statement explaining it has already requested approval for a larger facility with plenty of parking in Daytona Beach.