“Creators Time Table.”

Human fossils found with dinosaurs


Let’s disprove evolution shall we?


If Creator God had wanted creation

to know his correct time-table

there would be a book in the bible called

“Creators Time Table.”

Scientist, Anthropology, Archaeology and Atheist, have been trying without success

to disprove Creation and keep running in to a brick wall, black hole or blank paper.


An Anthropology, Archaeology University Professor was asked for his opinion

about a fossil found that had both a dinosaur and a human print on it.

Each time someone asked his opinion his head was turned away.

Once outside the question was asked once again

he stated,


“I did not see anything on that fossil to prove or disprove evolution or creation.”

He did not lie because he did not look.

He did not disprove because he did not look.

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