Let’s try this way to ‘peak your interest’

Propane, Fuel oil, Motor oil, Gasoline,

save money

Let’s try this way to ‘peak your interest’

in saving a lot of money?

I worked as a Service Technician from 1968.

This is not bragging this is just to set the tone for this post.


I started with propane in 1968, working with a tech in a small L.P. Gas company.

1972 after a change to a much larger company

(it bought out the smaller company),

I helped install my first solar

(a solar water panel)

and my first encounter with alternative energy.

I was hooked at, ‘finding ways to help our customers save money.’

By doing this, it helped the company, keep a happy customer and pick up many more.

Same old story, the company’s owner came from

the ‘old country,’ with nothing but the cloth on his back.

He built the company into the biggest, best, company, in the area, by providing,

(Great Service).

Great service, free service as often as possible,

solar water heaters

and a

homegrown answering service,

helped the company grew even bigger.

As time passed, the owner passed.

The children took over the company.

The children cut some things to save money and quickly lost customers.

When those children passed, the grand children took over, gutting the free service.

Then over charged customers

and the company dwindled down to a real small company.

Newer companies,

Coal, Gas, Oil, Electric, and Nuclear companies,

do not want alternative energy to cut into their very large profits.

Therefore, they each spend billions of dollars convincing congress

to squash all alternative energy laws.

This is why we need and should have

people like our president,

“President Barrack Obama!”

Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton,

should have said to

my relations in West Virginia.

“I want to work on getting you out of the ground,

into cleaner jobs

to help you live longer

while making more money for you

and your new company

and also with good benefits!”

By keeping and improving, the help to companies

that President Obama

has been doing for the past 8 years,

to switch to clean, clear, energy,

With the help of our government.

Thanks to a president in 1981,

with his congress,

their change in-laws and policies,

big business convinced them

(the president and his party in congress),

to change the policy and laws to allow


Anyone care to guess the president and his political party in 1981?



President Carter,


President Clinton.

Therefore, “Big Business,”

gets to lower their taxes by a bunch,

raise your taxes,

and now you pay more for those outsourced products!