Army Corps Denies Coal Permit

Army Corps Denies Permit

For Puget Sound Coal Export Terminal


Environment | Energy

by Cassandra Profita and Ashley Ahearn OPB/EarthFix | May 9, 2016

Let’s peek at the bigger picture shall we?


I think that it is great for my brothers and sisters of

the “Lummi People.”


What about the smaller tribes

sprinkled throughout Indian Country?

With the “Coal Companies on their Backs,”


Little to no money to fight for the rights of their families?

They are still dying at a young age from coal in their lungs!

Let’s dump all Fossil Fuel

and replace them with

Clean, clear, alternative energy?

This is where Hillary Clinton comes in.

Yes, she did a mess of things in West Virginia,

while trying to explain

how she is going to help you and all Americans,

suffering from fossil fuel poison!

So, she is not perfect.


There was but one person that walked

‘Mother Earth,’

and we humans nailed him to a tree!

His crime, he is willing to help,

“All of the people, all of the time!”

As is She.

The Lummi Nation’s Tribal Chairman Timothy Ballew pulled fellow council member Travis Brockie into his office to announce the big news:

He’d just gotten off the phone with Col. John Buck of the Army Corps of Engineers.

After four years of back and forth between the tribe and its adversaries, the Corps had decided not to permit a coal-shipping terminal on the north shore of Puget Sound; such a development would have done unacceptable harm to the Lummi’s ability to fish those waters as their treaty with the U.S. government calls for.

“The Army Corps has denied the permit for Gateway Pacific Terminal,”

Ballew said, a smile slowly spreading across his face.”

The two tribal leaders hugged.

“I’m at a loss for words,”

Brockie said.

Blessing from our creator to you and yours

Nation’s Tribal Chairman Timothy Ballew .