Forever Gone!

Walking with the Alligators

Picture credit : Grey 2 K

For the past two days and for as long as we have lived here in Central Florida, the News has continually covered the various groups opposing the Racing of Greyhounds.

The pictures on our News yesterday and again this morning, were/are pathetic and tragic.

Dogs were/are shown being forced to run/race to empty stands.

No one, or very few, it seems, cares about dog racing here anymore.

But many people do care about the beautiful dogs that are doing the racing/running.

It as usual, all comes down to money.

The city of Melbourne has a lot at stake here, not the dogs of course which are merely pawns in an unwilling activity, called sport, and neatly disguised,  but the gambling that is done on the property which is a big money maker for the owners.

This subject is a sore one for me and many who…

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