President Obama had taken $2.6 billion from veterans’ programs



Vet Ding

President Obama did not cut $2.6 billion

from programs for veterans

and instead

gave a like amount to support Syrian refugees in the U.S.

The $2.6 billion figure cited here

did not represent money


from veterans’ programs by President Obama

(or anyone else);


it was the amount of an unexpected budget



House panel supports closing VA’s $2.6 billion funding gap

Dr. James Tuchschmidt, interim principal deputy undersecretary

for health at the Veterans Health Administration;

VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson;

and Edward Murray,

the VA’s interim chief financial officer,

prepare to testify at a House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing in Washington,

June 25, 2015.

Joe Gromelski/Stars and Stripes

reported by the

Department of Veterans Affairs in June 2015,

a potential crisis that Congress worked to stave off:

Despite harsh criticism,

a House oversight committee said

it supports giving the Department of Veterans Affairs


spending flexibility to head off a $2.6 billion financial shortfall this year.

One thought on “President Obama had taken $2.6 billion from veterans’ programs

  1. As a veteran I can tell you that the “medical care” I receive is substandard, unorganized and far from home. If I have an emergency I can either drive 78 miles (1.5 hrs) to the nearest medical center or go to my local hospital (5 miles, 15 min) and pay the bill myself.
    The USN ruined my back, the VA did surgery and now I am in worse pain than before. I asked for help and all the only response I get is “we will not give you any narcotics.” Fine, don’t, but help me with the disabling pain. Their response? “We will not give you any narcotics.”
    If I worked for the USN as the VA works for me, I would have been court-marshaled!


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