Bill to Abolish Columbus Day in Colorado Dies


What country did the Italian-Americans Ancestors come from?




What country did the American Indians Ancestors come from?

I’ll give the Italians a little hint,

“American Indians!”

My ancestors all came from


Indian Country,

now called the


“United States of America!”

not the


“United States of Italy?”

HB-1135 was killed by a 7-2 vote.

Every state in the union wants to keep giving this

cowardly butcher a day of remembrance.

Every unarmed victim of this cowardly Butcher wants to forget him!

Bill sponsor House Representative Joe Salazar, a Democrat, told ICTMN Tuesday that some members of the House State,

Veterans and Military Affairs committee conjured spurious reasons as to why they thought the holiday should continue in the state.

“Last night,

some members of the [Colorado] House of Representatives made an excuse to vote against the bill repealing Columbus Day

and replacing it with Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” Salazar said in a message.

Salazar said several committee members argued that his bill

stripped one thing from Italian-Americans and provided something else to Native Americans.

“The excuse was that the bill took away from one community [Italian-Americans] and gave to another community [American Indians].

This excuse completely ignores that because of Columbus everything, absolutely everything, has been taken away from indigenous peoples. I repudiate any excuses that allows Colorado to continue honoring one of the greatest mass murderers and slave traders of all time,” Salazar wrote.

Tessa McLean, who is Ojibwe and a member of the American Indian Movement in Colorado, testified in favor of the bill, but was laughed at by opponents of the legislation when she blamed Columbus for the deaths of thousands of murdered and missing indigenous women in the U.S. and Canada today.

“If your family and ancestors didn’t have to survive hundreds of years of genocide, I could probably understand if you didn’t agree with me that Columbus was responsible for leaving Native people with a colonial legacy of genocide, but still, why the laughter?” McLean wrote in a message to ICTMN.

“As the testimonies went on,” McLean wrote, “I heard time and time again that this bill pitted the American Indian and Italian-American community against each other. Not once did I hear any testimonies in support of the bill say anything negative to the Italian-American community. In fact, many of our testimonies praised the Italians for their great contributions to art, food, and culture. Many of us claimed we could celebrate an Italian-American Pride Day with their communities – just not Columbus Day

The grassroots statewide group led a protest of the federal holiday in Missoula on Monday, objecting to the celebration of the explorer and everything the day represents: the myth that a continent populated with millions of Native people for thousands of years was “discovered,” the subsequent mass murder of Indian peoples, and government policies such as reservations and boarding schools and more.

“It appears the violence has continued against the indigenous by being silent and disregarding Native Americans as people,” she said.

Monday’s event started with a gathering of some 150 community members outside the Missoula County Courthouse, which Little Leaf pointed out was closed for the day, along with the post office.

The peaceful protest was an initial step for the group to raise awareness. In the future, Little Leaf said the group will begin petitioning on some level to abolish Columbus Day and implement an Indigenous Peoples Day in its place, an action that some states and cities have taken.

“Our history is not just indigenous people’s history, it’s all of our history,” she said. “It needs to be recognized, it needs to be acknowledged, and it’s one step further in acknowledging the issues of racism,” she said.

Michaelynn Hawk, director of Indian People’s Action, asked why Columbus Day should be considered a holiday in the first place.

“What did he do that was so honorable? There’s nothing that he did that was honorable. He literally came in and wanted to wipe out the Native Americans,” she said.

Shelly Fyant, a Bitterroot Salish member of the tribal council for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, listed off the cities around the United States that no longer acknowledge the holiday: including Albuquerque, New Mexico; Portland, Oregon; Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota; Olympia, Washington; Lawrence Kansas; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The protesters, flying banners that bore slogans like “Idle No More” and “Abolish Columbus Day Celebration,” departed from the courthouse toward Higgins Avenue, and took a U-shaped route across the bridge and back up Higgins on the opposite side of the street.

Some cars honked in solidarity as the group crossed the bridge, chanting “Indigenous Day all the way.”

A bill that would have repealed Columbus Day as a state-recognized holiday in Colorado died late Monday after four hours of testimony.

HB-1135 was killed by a 7-2 vote.

Bill sponsor House Representative Joe Salazar, a Democrat, told ICTMN Tuesday that some members of the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee conjured spurious reasons as to why they thought the holiday should continue in the state.