Native Americans are backing Hillary over Trump

And why this is!


How Native Americans are backing Hillary over Trump

Because they fear The Don will allow an oil pipeline to run through the heart of their homeland 


Keystone XL is a proposed 1,700 mile pipeline bringing oil from Canada

It would cross Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska

Critics say a leak could pollute the Ogallala Aquifer which provides drinking water to millions and irrigates farmland


Native American leaders say clean water is the last thing they have left

TransCanada, the company behind it, say it has had eight safety reviews


Hillary Clinton has said she would block it if she gets into the White House 

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have both said they would give green light 

By Chris Summers For Mailonline

26 April 2016


‘If we get a Republican president we will get a pipeline within three weeks,’

says Martin Jorgensen,

a 91-year-old cattle farmer and bull breeder.


The pipeline in question is known as Keystone XL

and would carry Canadian oil from the tar sands of Alberta 1,700 miles across America to Steele City, Nebraska,

where it would join up with other pipelines taking it to refineries in Texas and Illinois. Most of it would then be exported.

It would run for a mile under Mr Jorgensen’s land near the tiny community of Winner, South Dakota.

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It is a hugely divisive issue in Nebraska, South Dakota and Montana

and the front-runners for the White House in November’s presidential elections are not surprisingly on opposite sides of the fence.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have both said they would give it the go-ahead

while Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both promised to uphold the presidential veto which Barack Obama imposed last year

Sanders won the Democratic primary in Nebraska in March

and his more outspoken opposition to Keystone XL is believed to have been a factor.

Nebraska holds its Republican primary on May 10

while South Dakota holds both Republican and Democratic primaries on June 7.

Earlier this year Cruz, who is from oil-loving Texas,


‘If you’re a Birkenstock-wearing, tree-hugging Greenpeace activist, you should love the Keystone pipeline.

‘The Canadians are not going to leave the tar sands unmolested.

They’ll send it to China to be refined there and it will be refined in a much, much dirtier way.’

Trump, being Trump, has dollar signs in his eyes.

He said recently he would give Keystone XL the go-ahead

but wanted a ‘big, big chunk of the profits, or even ownership rights’ for the U.S.

Referring to TransCanada,

the company behind the project, he said:

‘I want 25 per cent of the deal for the United States.

They’re going to make a fortune.’

The discovery of the tar sands deposits has made Canada a net oil exporter and Alberta in particular has seen a major economic boom.

But Alberta is land-locked and getting the oil refined and exported provides a dilemma.

There is an existing Keystone pipeline which delivers up to 590,000 barrels per day to oil refineries in Texas and Illinois.

But Keystone XL would, as its name suggests,

be much larger and would have a much greater capacity