VA at Lake Nona evacuated due to bed bug infestation


This V.A. has taken years and with millions over budget

and it already has “Bed Bugs?”

VA at Lake Nona evacuated due to bed bug infestation

Updated: Apr 22, 2016


Veteran Affairs has had to evacuate one of its new facilities in Lake Nona because of bed bugs,

officials said.

The bugs were discovered Friday morning in the facility that houses combat veterans seeking treatment for homelessness, addiction and mental health.

Officials said some veterans were moved across the street to hospital facilities.

“It’s not quite as nice.

It’s kind of an inconvenience, but at the same time it’s better than staying in there,”

said Army combat veteran Billy, whose last name was not given.

Billy said

he’s had to move twice to avoid contact with bed bugs.

“We found six rooms that had bed bugs present. So, we had to evacuate 12 of them,”

said VA representative Michael Strickler said.

Because the bugs move very fast, treatment has had to be aggressive, and the facility, which has 60 beds, cannot take anyone new.

“I can’t give you a very good get-well date.

Let’s just say that we and our partners are working on this very hard,”

said Strickler.

Billy said his commute across the street has been an inconvenience, but it’s better than sleeping with bugs.

Billy said it’s not too bad on him because he’s in the last phase of his treatment.

“It’s been pretty tough on some of the guys.

They’ve had issues with it,”

said Billy.

“These things can be very inconvenient.

So, we’re very cognizant of that so we’re doing everything we can to not only take care of them and the room situation, but to ensure their treatment continues,”

Strickler said.

The VA said it hopes to reopen for new patients soon, but said they want to first make sure all the bed bugs are gone for good.

The VA has contracted an exterminator.

5 thoughts on “VA at Lake Nona evacuated due to bed bug infestation

  1. In my lifetime I have visited 10 different VA facilities and quite honestly 8 of them have been really lousy places to have to try to get actual care at. Most are/were far more likely to simply kill you, literally. The best two by far have been the Lexington Ky hospital and the hospital in Fayetville Ar. By far the worse two were the hospitals in Mountain Home Tn (Johnson City) and the single worse one is the Dallas Tx hospital.


    • oldpoet56
      I will let you in on a little secret told to no one my friend.
      The new wing to the Gainesville V.A./
      I needed to change from a two wire to a three wire Defibrillator, after the surgery and when I was allowed to shower,
      I came out of their newly built room, new shower and water flooded my room and the hallway!
      Just as I was about to be released, Because no one bothered to check, Boston Scientific, my pacer, checker the system and the third wire was not hooked up!
      I had the surgery completed correctly at the Tampa V.A. a few years later, than my God that I lived long enough to get it done right!


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