“The gun lobby is the most powerful lobby in Washington,”

Clinton, relatives of Newtown victims talk gun violence


Hillary Clinton,

sitting with relatives of victims of the Newtown school massacre, vowed Thursday to make sure gun violence is not ignored,


Connecticut’s bipartisan gun control legislation was a model for the nation.

“I’m really proud that your leaders here in Connecticut have shown the way,”

the Democratic presidential candidate told a crowd of about 600 supporters at a YMCA gymnasium in Hartford’s north end,

a section of the capital city where families have first-hand experience with gun violence.

“That’s why what happened here in Connecticut really needs to be a model.”



Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sits has a cup of coffee with diners, Gwendolyn Thames, left, John J. Thomas, second from left, and Helen Nixon front right, during a stop to Cozy’s Spot restaurant, Thursday, April 21, 2016, in Hartford, Conn. Clinton stopped in Hartford for a discussion on gun violence prevention with family members of gun violence victims. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

Hillary Clinton accuses gun lobby of intimidating Congress,

harassing critics

“We need a national movement,”

Clinton said

at a community meeting in a YMCA here, drawing applause.


“The gun lobby is the most powerful lobby in Washington,”

more so than Wall Street, big Pharma and more, she said, adding,

“They have figured out how to really intimidate elected officials at all levels,

who basically stop thinking about this problem

because they are too scared of the NRA,”

the National Rifle Association.