The Donald is saying “Crooked Hillary!”


Ninety Nine, (99.99) % of the things that this

“Master Crook” said,

I ignore, because one must take it from the source.

However, this time I at least listen!

Because, if the biggest ‘Crook in America’ is calling someone else a crook,

we had better check this out with a microscope!

(This is quite a major accomplishment because

we are including Congress and Governors)!

I did and found


Your turn Trump,

“Prove it?”

We remember the golf course in Scotland, and your “Crooked, Lying, Scheme'”

promise to make money with your help with no help from you!

This is only a few among the other hundreds of crooked, shyster, ways to make money on the backs of poor people!

If Donald Trump was hoping to get a quick rise out of Hillary Clinton with a new nickname – “Crooked Hillary” – it didn’t work.

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