Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is No Politician!

It would seem to me that every time Hillary is interview,

she states that she is not a politician

and how much she envy’s politicians like her husband

(President William Clinton)


President Barrack Obama

and how fluently they speak.

Hillary Clinton is not a politician!



Madam President.

Please take a closes look as our congress,

any one of our congress, state and/or federal.

or the most part our


IT is full of politicians.

Why would anyone with your massive

Qualifications want to become one of those “people”?

You have always been, are now and will always be a hard-working champion of the people.

Please never change into one of those worthless politicians, we need you.


Show me any one of those four

Yes Bernie, I said “FOUR”!

Stupid Pac puppets, now running that really care more about you

then they do about taking your money?

Trump, Sanders, Cruz, Kasich.





I think Not!

I would however, back Madam President.

If she decided to build a wall around them all!

2 thoughts on “Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is No Politician!

  1. I personally don not agree with this post about Ms. Hillary but I believe in reposting post’s from folks with different opinions than my own, that is how we can learn new things from and about people and world events. You have an excellent blog site all the time, you are always a good read.


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