An old sweat that looks new


I’ll be willing to bet donut to donut that this

old ‘Sweat’

is not being practices in your town or state today.

Welcome Plainville Connecticut

To our main website about our people.


The Traditional Sweat of an Eastern Woodland People

I win; you see I have eyes up in your state keeping me in the loop.

This page on this site was place because so many people without the knowledge are writing about our people, crazy as that might be.

What is an Eastern Woodland Sweat?

I had never written about a Sweat Ceremony before because I was taught that our Sacred Ceremonies are just that, Sacred!

Our sweat, as with all of our ceremonies, is ‘Sacred’ and this book writing by non-knowing, greedy, money grabbing, people,

is why we do not place the important parts of the culture/ceremonies in writing.