Meaning of Aquine

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Because I updates to windows 10 (foolish move on my part), I am not able to tell who is visiting this site very often, so when I am able too, I respond to this blessing.

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To this site about our meaning of Aquine.

The Meaning of Aquine

I sat and watched a very old Clan Mother of my people draw the fox carrying a blessing from Kiehtan (Creator) to our people on this site back in the middle 1980s.

However, I understand that this photo has been around for sometime, not a surprised.

Now that you know our reason for the photo, please use it in the same context and give credit where credit is due?

You see, we crossed her less then a year later.

Walkingfox carries the Sacred Fire from the Creator

Artwork created for copyrighted

We also have this site.


JUNE 17, 2011