S J is safe and looking for his mom


“Smokey Junior” (nick named S J) is between 15-20 lbs.

No sign of Mama Bear.

Bear cub rescued from 277-acre brush fire

Thursday, April 7, 2016


They think that they have found his mother

and will return him after he is checked out

and helped with a few little burns.


By WFTV – Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. β€”

Homes were evacuated and several were damaged Thursday as a brush fire grew to more than 250 acres and tore through Lake County near Paisley, Florida.

Lake County Fire Rescue officials said homes on Apricot Way in the Royal Trails section of the county were being threatened by the blaze.

Firefighters spotted and rescued a bear cub from the fire.


“You can see his hair is singed. He’s got some on his paws,” a firefighter told WFTV. “He pretty much wandered out of the woods on his own, kind of whining. No sight of mom or brother or sister or nothing else.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife officers will be evaluating the animal to make sure it’s in good health.

The fire began moving east and into open land by 6 p.m., and officials said structures were no longer in danger, although some were damaged.

Seven dozers and a brush truck were working with the Lake County Fire Department.

A road block was set up while firefighters work to contain the brush fire.

By 9:15 p.m., the fire was 100 percent contained, after reaching 277 acres.

Fire Rescue allowed residents back in their homes before dark.

No injuries have been reported.

BEAR CUB RESCUE: This little guy was rescued from a 277-acre brush fire that’s still raging in Lake County. There was no mama bear in sight, but Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is on its way to treat the cub, which has minor injuries on its paws and head. http://at.wftv.com/1qwNc5K

Posted by WFTV Channel 9 on Thursday, April 7, 2016

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    • GP Cox
      My turn to cook my friend.
      Yes, S. J. lives right behind us and we believe that he is a descendent of the bear family that would pass on by while I was building our Airedale fence many years ago, to keep them out of the road.
      I promised his great grandmother that I would never block their path to their breakfast, lunch and dinner on the other side of the road, and have kept my promise.
      We both are so pleased to hear that you have ‘kicked the habit’!
      I also do not know what a real cigarette is?
      I know that the old standby cigarette is in fact loaded with tons of chemicals and that those new cigarette’s are made from tons of chemicals.
      A traditional tobacco consists of a mix of herbs (Herbs that are a gift from Kiehtan (Creator), to be gifted freely and with NO Chemicals.
      Yes, it is true that we put this Kinnick Kinnick (Herbs) in a pipe on special occasions, only pure tobacco and herbs and do not in hale the smoke.
      In fact, one does not even need to put the pipe to the lip, just tap the pipe with the left hand and pass it on.
      We love to hear that anyone, especially a friend quits such a horrible habit and will live longer.
      Aquine my good friend.

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