Orange county officials have the landfill smell answer.

Landfill odor concerns Orange County residents

Updated: Apr 5, 2016 – 5:14 PM

Orange county officials have the landfill smell answer.

Or do they?

James Becker manager Orange county Solid Waste Division is going to cover the pollution with Florida Dirt (sand), and grass, with taxpayer’s money.

Remove the drywall and install more smell sensors to correct the landfill smell, using taxpayer’s money.

Then pump out the gas (Methane), and truck it to the Orlando Power Company to use as fuel, at taxpayers’ expense.

What a tremendous waste of taxpayer’s hard earned money.

As the stink flies,

Audra Swan lives about a mile from the Orange County landfill.

Odor from the covered garbage heap must float through a pine forest, over two farms and a park to reach her nose.

But it gets there, more often than Swan ever expected when she and her husband, Bryan, bought their home about five years ago.

Orange County’s landfill puts up a stink – Orlando News Now For decades, the landfill was hardly ever a problem.

Now people around the landfill are upset due to changes made in the type of material dumped there.

Orange County spent thousands to damper the smell, but still it rises — like an odor zombie.

“The smell is so strong it infiltrates our homes in the middle of the night and is present for hours the next day, even when there is no smell outside,”

she wrote in an email to the Florida Department of Health, appealing to its toxicology section to evaluate health threats posed by the fetid fumes.

The agency promised to evaluate air-quality data from the landfill and alert the state Department of Environmental Protection if necessary.

Landfill odor concerns Orange County residents


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