Indian River Lagoon in the news


Brevard County Organizes Clean-up Effort for Indian River Lagoon Fish Kill


Over two weeks and still cleaning up the polluted fish even using prisoners to help!

Floridians, yours truth included, have been writing about our (Indian River Lagoon)


the abuse by the government officials and their, not telling the whole truth scientist, for many years.

If you are getting media coverage about this in your area,

please take a long hard look at all of the homeowners all around the Lagoon.

Each one of the houses around the lagoon has

rich, green, lawns, beautiful plants and trees and right on the water.

This means chemical fertilizing, constantly sprayed on the land.

Chemical pest control constantly on the land.

Chemical weed control constantly on the land.

Making the chemical companies very rich!

Oh, by the way, each building has a septic system.

Remember the homes are right on the water.


Cows and horse farms all around the Indian River Lagoon.


Horse poop, cow poop everywhere.


Five locations inundated with dead fish because of an

algae bloom in Indian River Lagoon???????????

Will be the focus of a clean-up effort beginning today involving

Brevard County Government,

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office,

St. Johns River Waterway Management,

Keep Brevard Beautiful and citizen volunteers.

(Ted Matthews Image)


Massive fish kill has many wondering how Florida lagoon will survive

MELBOURNE, Fla. — The ides of March ushered in the worst known fish kill in Indian River Lagoon history, a watershed moment in a war to save a $3.7 billion annual economic engine.

Scientists say low levels of dissolved oxygen in the lagoon’s waters led to thousands of fish suffocating. More than 30 species in all died in the kill-off.

The same scientists believe the recent “brown tide” of algae blooming in the lagoon is responsible for the low oxygen levels.

The massive death spiral outraged the collective conscience of coastal residents, leaving many scratching their heads, pinching their noses and wondering what’s next: Dolphins? Manatees? Pelicans? A repeat of four years ago when all three died en masse?

Researchers say it likely will be years before the full impact of the fish kill is known.


500 lb grouper found dead in Florida canal.


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