Native American blessings for death

My friend,

I no longer know the tribes in your state, I have been away from the area far too long.

I do know that the elders, are now ancestors, and have all crossed some time ago.

One would tend to guess that this is the why for your question?

No one to ask.

So, please remember that you came to our site, that I am a teacher,

how-be-it, not very good at my job,

and that the true traditional Native Americans in your state

and surrounding states, believe in Kiehtan (Creator).

That said the native people in and around you ‘never blessed anything or anybody’.

If one wish a blessing for someone or anything, ask (Pray to) Kiehtan for the blessing, the results would usually be,

a blessing for what you were asking for and a larger blessing for you.

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Native American blessings for death


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Now you might have a little understanding as to why you were not getting an answer from your search engine.