What is wrong with a New Nation?

 If you go to one of the hundreds of true traditional tribes (not nations), in or around Rhode Island, and ask what irks them the most, after spending week, months years, and sometimes many years, setting up their traditional gathering, handed down from generation to generation, only to have some clown or clowns from a ‘nation’ or a ‘reservation,’ come in and start changing what they have been doing for centuries, to whatever they wish, polluting the Sacred Circle.

That might be number one!

Try going to a Lakota Sun Dance or an Apache Ghost Dance and do that, you will only do so once.

As a youngster, I have been on a few caravans while some 25 of our warriors showed some ‘Nation Indians,’ what the state-line looked like, a couple of love taps from each warrior to send them on their way.

Welcome Warwick Rhode Island


To a posting

Native American Blessings for Newborn

March 19, 2016


Looking for a problem with changing from Tribal to Nation.

Out of that posting, all you got was

(New Nation)?

Well OK then, this is what I feel is wrong with Tribe’s now calling themselves Nations, especially in and around your state in New England!

While studying world history back in school, I find no reference to nations before this country started using the word.

Even then, it was long after first contact.

I find Empire and Countries however; no matter we are talking about Tribal Nation.

My elders and mentors from my grandfathers meetings were around, from at least the late 1800’s and I never heard the word Nation while growing up around them, for sure not while speaking about their elders and ancestor.

My question for the last 25 to 30 years has been, why now?

After thousands of years on this land, on Mother Earth,

Tribe is no longer good enough?

I know that just because we allow this ‘Nation,’

The United States of America,

to put us on Reservations and call ourselves a ‘Nation,’

We will be allowed to become an independent country from the United States of America and make laws that the United States of America has no say in?

If we believe this, try to secede from the country.

Ask the south how that worked out.

Reservation Casino Indians, if you are truly a Nation, why do you have to pay this Nation, the United States of America and/or your state, for the right to have a casino?

Tribe, Tribal, Family and Clan was good enough for my ancestors

so it is good enough for me.


3 thoughts on “What is wrong with a New Nation?

  1. I agree. Why is it that people always want to change the old names or other nouns into new ones? Not asking those who it concerns? much of the old traditions and customs lies in the old names as well. Change them and you will lose so much more than those syllables…


    • Truth be known Leya
      This (Free), country, the United States of America, still owes ‘Billions of Dollars’ to the First People of this land.
      And by destroying treaties and placing (wannabe ‘casino indians’) to replace those owed, does not erase the debt to the decedents of those this country stole our land from!
      It is called annihilation by ‘Paperwork’!

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