Was the (Last of the Mohegan), True

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The last of the Mohicans (Mohegan’s).


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Was the last of the Mohegan true?


Although while some of this film is close too.

And a little of it even true.

For the most part, it is an entertaining film by one of our ancestors about some history of this land.

First, the Mohicans, Mohegan’s, Pequot’s, Mohicans and a few others, although in dispute by some of these factions, came from the Mohiigans (Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People).


long before the French/English wars to steal our land from the first people of ‘Indian Country’ And at one time they were settled in and around the Great Lakes, Southern Canada and Northern America, not far from your city.

Sachem Uncas (Shechaim Ohjieshan Unkas) was the War Chief of Pequot’s, before splitting off while looking for peace, not annihilation, from the whites.

Uncas (Unkas) was never a ‘Chief’!

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About the Arthur of the book?

James Fenimore Cooper

Was a descendent from a Female Shechaim and from an Admiral of the Navy, he himself was a sailor so he knew about our people, both sides of the family.



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  1. I saw this movie as a child – and loved it. After that I read the book. For some years I read all I could find about the North American Indians and as a grown-up I have been interested in the Incas of South America as well. Thank you again for posting!


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