Adopt a Native American Elder

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adopt an elderly native American

Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program.


Just about every tribe worth its salt, has a, give a way ceremony, and a Adopt an Elder program. (Friendship Gathering) is what we call this one.

A give a way is a small token of our appreciation for your visit to one of our gatherings.

Gifts are placed out on blankets, friends, visitors, vendors and members circle the blankets, elders first and pick a gift to help remember our gathering.

Our Friendship Ceremony is a way to take a little time with someone or ones from outside of our tribe and spend time getting to just talk, hour, day, week, whatever and enjoy each others culture.


2 thoughts on “Adopt a Native American Elder

  1. I am in CT, but I want to help our First Nations folks, especially the elders. I knit and sew (but am broke as a disabled veteran). Please message me and let me know what I can do to help.


    • Darcy Church
      Sorry Darcy, warm (hot) weather, working outside, plus students are now asking a lot of question, must answer, and planting the bosses Morning Glories.
      I wish that we were still up in Ct, at times like this, so that I could take you around to real Native American Tribes.
      I use to tell people where to ship things to different tribes, only to find that the leaders were intercepting and selling or keeping everything and nothing to the elders and young!
      We are twins Broke and Disabled Veteran).
      I may have already asked, where did you serve and which branch?
      Mind you my friend, I am only being nosy.
      If you hear of places like ‘Habit for Humanity,’ working on a Rez, they can hook you up with an honest group, other than that; I have not been on the powwow trail since 2000.
      A few years back they were building on a Rez.
      American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, UNICEF, Industries, Make are also good places to check.
      Boy I sure do miss the food, sounds, dancing and fellowship and wish that I were able to travel.


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