Four of a kind


Four of the Greatest Leaders of all times by far!

My Post, My Choice.



All four are followers of our lord and savior, the son of God.

Must be Democrat’s!

Notice that I did not say Christian?

Because today’s army of nitwit followers of Sanders and Trump have no clue of what a real Christian is and can you blame them.

I also did not say Jesus Christ either so as not to confuse anyone.

One is the oldest and hardest worker for the people, the country and the world.

One was the first to dig and scratch us out of a deep hole and put the country or a road to recovery.

One is now although needing to dig all over again and from  a deeper hole.


One will be if voters think before voting, and well continue the digging and scratching while helping the people, the country and the world in peace (Aquine)!