So, what’s your blood Quoter?


What’s your blood percentage?

Do you have any idea how many race of people or countries have to answer these questions?


The first people of this, Indian Country.

Show of hands, how many times, have you had to face these questions from a rude, nosey, inconsiderate stranger?

Would (None) be your answer?

I have been asked hundreds of times, some even grabbing

my ‘Prayers Pouch’, also wanting to know about it.

It would be something like you reading you Holy Bible or Quran or holding anything handed down to you from generation, to generation, to generation, and having someone grab it out of your hands, shaking and opening it to see what is in inside.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday

and even the V.A. is now getting into blood percentage.

I looked up what’s your blood Quoter?


What’s your blood percentage?

And I seemed to have stumped both Google and Bing; they could not even find the question, let alone an answer?

Anyway, I told her 100% Irish and 100% Maïngan.

Being a nurse she just could not leave a dead dog lie.

After telling me, just how impossible my answer was,

She said, so what is the percentage of your mother and father?

I said, my mother, may she rest in peace, was 100% Maïngan and 100% Irish, my father, may he rest in peace, was 100% Maïngan and 100% Beer.

I could see by the look on her face that she had no intention of ending the badgering, and the family had plans after my visit, so before the next onslaught, I said, look you are not going to leave this alone are you?

I said,

Do you have any idea how many race of people or countries have to answer these questions?

One, the first people of this, Indian Country, why is this?

No answer.


4 thoughts on “So, what’s your blood Quoter?

    • Thank you Michele Anderson for your comment, ❤
      While a pouch and everything inside of it are just things, remembering to pray to Kiehtan for a blessing in time everyone needs today.
      Remembering what is inside of the pouch helps keep our ancestors alive in our hearts and our feet on the ground and to stay humble on Mother Earth.
      Grabbing the pouch to us is the same as grabbing our ancestors.


    • Gypsy Bev
      Because this one group, the Native First People of this land was and still have hundreds of treaties between our people and the invading government, cheaper to squash, kill, and/or assimilate that to honor their treaties!
      By making laws about persentage or polluted and thinning out of our blood, ( our ancestors), we will soon be gone into history.


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