Megan Sorbo

WE have already lost 80% of the

Black Bears Food Source in Florida.

Too late to halt the massive harvesting of bears food source.

I know that by now that everyone with a computer

knows about 10-year-old Megan Sorbo rant on bears.

What you do not know is that even though counties, towns and cities in Florida want and sign into law, “Do Not Shoot our Black Bears!”

The government (our governor and the congress of the state of Florida), said

“Bite Me Folks, because the checks are already in our bank accounts!”

Therefore, we will force you to except,

“Hunting of Your Black Bears, deal with it!”

10-year-old girl urges commissioners to take stand against Florida bear hunt

From the moment, she unpacked her pink footstool and stepped up to the lectern Wednesday, 10-year-old Megan Sorbo had the attention of Hillsborough County commissioners. Then she started to talk. And the whole room perked up. Speaking with a force and clarity beyond her years, Sorbo passionately implored commissioners to take a stand against Florida’s controversial black bear hunt. She punched the air with her tiny fist for emphasis and peppered commissioners with tough, rhetorical questions. (Mar. 2, 2016) Video provided by Hillsborough County Commission