I emphatically disagree with this picture!

Every Day must be ‘Remembrance Day’!


Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day

However, you can bet your boots that

I plan to share this to the World, and will never forget!


Adolf Hitler Arm salute.

Germany Dictator.

Shout over and cut short anyone wishing to contradict him.

How he found his way into power – find an escape goat –

(Immigrants) – The Jewish People.

Allow a massive group of power-hungry followers.

Throw anyone out that disagrees with him and his power.

Take the weapons from the people.

Exceptions, the Nazis’. (The group of power-hungry people).

Sound like anyone you know?

How about Businessman Donald Trump?

A hand salute.

Shout over anyone that disagrees with him.

Hates, Blacks, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans and most anyone else.


How about the Independent!, Socialist!, Woman hating, Democrat? Bernie Sanders?

A fist in women’s face.

Shout over anyone that disagrees with him.

Loves the Castro Family.

8 thoughts on “I emphatically disagree with this picture!

  1. 16.5 million total killed in the holocaust alone, also including roma(gyspies), European resistance, homosexuals, Christians, Slavs, people of conscience, handicapped people, prisoners of war. 62+ million killed in WWII, not including accurate counts of the countless souls killed in China & Russia.
    And now we have Trump on the American horizon, like 1933 all over again.


    • Thank you to my good long time friend Cindy ❤
      I lived across the street of a Russian Jew from the holocaust for some 30 years.
      He and I became closer friends, after my heart problems and would sit in the front yard at one of our homes, watching traffic, and talking about our pasts.
      I learned so much that at times I would run out of tears.
      He met and married his wife, may they rest in peace, in London soon after our army freed the camps.


  2. Way to go my friend. There are so many better pictures out there, but I;m too tired to look for one at the moment. Sleepy also, because of rain soaked week. And every day should be a day to remember the Holocaust, not just one day per year. Too many questions left unanswered. Taw-but-ni for being our modern voice of one crying in the desert. Angie


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