Corrupt Politicians

Corrupt Politicians


More in-put-please?

Corrupt Florida Politicians.

More in-put-please?

Thanks to Gerrymandering in Florida.

Every one of my follower knows my fear of the Donald and how he will try to (Manhandle Hillary)

and he will if she and the moderator

allow what happened in this last democratic debate!

Bernie Sanders kept shouting and sticking his finger in her face and refused to allow her to answer and or speak her turn!

And as we know, If it is one

(Man Cave Inhabitant on another Man-Cave Inhabitant),


Trump will give the ‘Old Man’ a heart attack!

Even my Floridian Republicans are becoming fed up with this Florida Congress,

and how it (Congress), is treating voters in favor of themselves and their Lobbyist!

Thanks to Gerrymandering, this will not change;

this is why all Florida voters must make the change for all Floridians,

starting with the ‘biggest shyster’, in our senate.

Senator Marco Rubio!

March 15th we in Florida get to remove this one from office.

August 30th 2016,

we get a chance to cut down on or even remove some or all for the

42 old do nothing that sit,

 every once in a while,

in the Florida House of Representatives.

This is up to you the Florida Voters.

Florida Senate Will Look Far Different After 2016 Elections

by Jeff Henderson February 11, 2015

Florida House of Representatives elections, 2016,_2016

Elections for the office of Florida House of Representatives will take place in 2016.

The primary election will be held on August 30, 2016,

And the general election will be held on November 8, 2016.

The candidate filing deadline is June 24, 2016. All 120 seats in the chamber are up for election in 2016

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