Nancy Reagan Passed

Nancy Reagan Passed,

may she now rest in peace with her husband.

That said, as the eulogy is stating today.

The last four years of her husband’s presidency, he was calling her,


Nothing wrong with this,

I believe it to be a show of


However, this brings to

‘The Spotlight for you.’

Just what I have been stating in writing and talking to

‘everyone that has an ear’

Nancy was never more than a heartbeat from his side.


When she took, (Air-force One), on a trip to South Korea.

Another story.

The reason why I bring this up now while the eulogy is still fresh in your mind,


because today’s’ eulogy is still fresh in your mind.

As it is being reported in this eulogy,

Reagan had Alzheimer’s disease.

New England Native American Decadent’s

were cut off from all of their Treaties


With a strike of a pen, from governors and the state’s congress,

because of this bill

President Ronald Reagan signed into law, in that same 2nd half of his presidency.

I believe that the bill from those same governors and congress people

and the federal congress,

was allowed to the president

(President Ronald Reagan/First Lady Nancy Reagan)

while full of loopholes that they quickly took advantage of

and squashed all Native American Lawsuits in New England!

Yes, I care about all of those New England Natives kicked off of their property!