Downfall of a Matriarchal Society


The Downfall of being brought up in a Matriarchal Society.

Watching both Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders, bully everyone every day.


The first thing taught (learned) by a good politician

or any speaker for that matter, is to,

Never Point Your Finger at Anyone!

Bernie Sanders has not learned even this basic practice;

he is constantly pushing his fingers into Hillary’s Face!

This is what every Male Chauvinist, Pigs, does to a Female to dominate her!

Not a Believer?

Check out Donald Trump.


Bernie Sanders has learned a very important practice from Donald Trump,

Do not allow your opponent to finish any statement, comment or answer his questions, by pointing. Waving arms and shouting!

Until the moderator gives up in complete discuss!




Ugh ……every woman can identify,w this