Democrats, jump onboard a good train?

Democrats, jump onboard a good train?

You are systematically being lied to!

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders,

keep telling this country that people are

“Struggling through seven years, of Barack Obama.”

Stop kicking the old rusty republican bucket down the road and hitch yourselves to the fast-moving recovery train with your president?

The U.S. economy is

“The envy of the world”

And this offered Democrats the talking points they should be using:

“There seems to be an alternative reality out there from some of the political folks that America is down in the dumps.

It is not. 

America is pretty darn great right now, and making strides right now.”

It is an axiom of the TV news business that if it bleeds, it leads.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the bloodletting within the Republican Party, is at the top of the charts these days.

It is also true that good news is hardly considered news at all, even when it affects millions of people and undermines a core argument in a presidential race.

We must stop hanging our heads and bending over,

stand tall and force the media to report the truth.

This country is and has been for quite some time,

Coming out of the abyss of the past, thanks to you and your president!

Shout it in the streets, on top of building and up on mountains,

the Media and the Republican Party are liars.

Although it is by no means perfect,

it is much better then what it was 7 1/2 years ago

and getting better every day.

the new Bureau of Labor Statistics report on February employment: 242,000 new jobs, 555,000 more people joining the labor force, upward revisions in previous job statistics, and an unemployment rate steady at 4.9%.

Investors Business Daily called those “blowout numbers.” Other news outlets used words like “hefty,” “surprisingly strong,” and “a sign of the nation’s economic durability.”

Democrats are blowing it again: Jill Lawrence