Trumps healthcare plan

Trumps healthcare plan

An Excellent Plan!

If you are planning on voting for Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders in November, you should know about their plans for you the next four years?

The main reason why congress, the insurance companies, the super-Pac’s and their lobbyist, hate President Barrack Obama, is the fact that he, our president, has been trying, without the help of congress, to get each one of their plans in writing from congress, so that he can vote those very same plans into law!

Congress has not, is not, and will never, pass those plans into a bill for any president to sign and for sure not from two male Chauvinistic Bullies!


Hillary has proven time and time again that she can and is willing to work with congress and working with her plan, the same plan as Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and our president only she can do this with a woman’s finesse.

Donald Trumps 19 point plan for America

and his 7 point healthcare plan are just like the plan of that

Independent, Socialist, Democratic, Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders,

“A Pie in the Sky.”

read about the Donald’s plans for yourself, after a few explanations as to why

the plans will not float in a Vermont/ New York winter pond.

Each plan will depend on getting the millionaires and billionaires in congress to go along with the plans.

Trump comes out with extraordinary 7-point healthcare reform plan

March 6, 2016

If you read this plan and do not wonder who, what and how?

Donald Trump’s formula

19 points to make America great again.

Sell junk to Saudi Arabia, since the goods we send them are blown up anyway;

Repeal Obamacare “and replace it with something that benefits everybody”;

“Turn off that spigot” of sending money to China (in the form of debt payments) by taxing them “until they behave properly”;

Renegotiate our foreign trade deals;

Call up the head of the Ford Motor Company and tell them they are going to be taxed at 35 percent for every car coming from Mexico until they decide to nix their plant in Mexico City;

End President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration;

End border crossings from Mexico because some of those border-crossers are “rapists”;

To do that, build a “great, great wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border;

Have Mexico pay for that wall;

Don’t appoint a secretary of state who rides bikes and breaks his leg;

Avoid riding bikes himself;

Work hard on the Islamic State problem;

Stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons;

Find the General Patton or General MacArthur from within the U.S. armed forces to “make it really work” in the Middle East;

Rebuild the country’s infrastructure — “nobody can do that like me”;

Create jobs — “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created”;

Save Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security “without cuts”;

Protect the Second Amendment;

Take the brand of the United States “and make it great again.”

It is too bad that Governor Mitt Romney is such a loser because he did ‘hit the nail on the head’ with his assessment of the Donald.